As a Community Management Specialist for In Your Shoe, your role is pivotal in dealing with our customers across various platforms. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to bring our brand's vision to life.


●     Managing social media platform in terms of replying to customer's inquiries, complaints and any comments, ensuring prompt replies for inquiries and pro-active actions to solve any problems surfacing
●     Handling international delivery process, ensuring orders are reviewed and confirmed and following up with shipping companies till delivery is made
●     Following the steps of the refund for the customers from the verification of the reason for refund to the execution. Processing daily exchanges/refunds for the customers, documenting each case elaboratively and following up on any needed cases
●     Following up on the pending orders to resolve the issues leading to the delay of delivery, with consultation of the third party as well as the warehouse
●     Checking the reviews on Shopify to maintain the targeted SL and cater to the customer needs based on their feedback
●     First order follow up with new customers to prevent any issues, lack of satisfaction, and validate orders made.
●     Reports based on the customer feedback to each department with the purpose of enhancing the performance to reach the customer expectations and providing general insights in an analytical way
●     Working hand-in-hand with internal/external stakeholders to facilitate daily communications

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